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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Personal Buz!

Make a Buz about yourself and send it to all your friends!
List your favorite things, about yourself, or just random thoughts.
Link it to your own website or myspace page.

Why Buz?

A Buz is a quick way to communicate information on a special topic.
If you have a Business, Website, Product, Blog or Service then a Buz can be a great advertising tool.
Send it to all your friends and customers to let them know the latest and hottest things you have on offer.
It is also great for SEO as it creates links back to your website.

What is a Buz?

1. A low vibrating humming sound, as of bees or people talking
2. A rumor or report
3. A feeling of intense enthusiasm
4. To make a low vibrating humming sound
5. To speak or murmor with such a sound
6. To be filled with the sound of buzzing
7. To whisper or gossip
8. To move busily from place to place
9. To tell or spread secretively
10. A short description of ten lines on a special topic